You may notice that many of the song titles on this wiki are censored. Such as, F**kin' Problems, My Hitta, F**kin' Perfect, etcetera. This is because the titles are transcribed letter for letter from the Billboard Magazine and website. This includes all typos, spelling errors, and even censorship. The correct title of the song can be found on it's page under "Alternate Title(s)". The page will then be put in a category titled "Songs with censored titles", "Songs with typos in the title", "Songs with missing apostrophes" or whatever category the page would fit in.

As for the comments, blogs, chat room, and user pages, this wiki is censored to the minimal extent allowed by Wikia and The United States Law. So you can enjoy saying words like "fuck", "shit", and "gallbladder" all you want.

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